This site is named kohalamichael simply because I live in Kohala on the Big Island and my name is Michael. More important, it’s easy for me to remember. I wrote another blog for several years on Google’s blogpost platform, but my posts never reached more than half a dozen email buddies. I stopped posting on Wildwestwind, or michaelfoleyhawaii.com in 2014. I’d posted sporadically on FB but when my wife Charlotte passed away in April of ’16, I began posting in earnest, mainly to let my loving and supportive friends and relations how I was doing. I’m guessing most everyone I know figured out I couldn’t string proper sentences together and so accepted the at times obscure language and grammar of my poems in lieu of the latest news from my house. When my daughter Jemma got in a moped accident in Spain April of ’17, the poems kept coming, but they weren’t much use to people like my cousin Bill in Vermont, who sent me an email saying, Okay, I know something terrible’s happened, but I can’t figure it out from your posts…What’s going on? And I duly replied with some common old garden prose. One of my goals therefore, with this blog, is to continue posting the thing I don’t have much control over, namely poetry, while adding much harder (for me) writing that answers Bill’s question, What’s going on.


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Sorry to be leaving a comment via this blog, but this is the best contact info I could find.

    I’m hoping this is the Michael Foley who was at Mt. Angel with my dad, Russell Kaine, back in the late 60s and early 70s.

    If so, I’ve scanned and catalogued his photos from those years, and I’m reaching out to share.


    • Wow this is great. I really wanted to connect with you…my phone 808-640-5243…email meehawl@mac.com…how wonderful you’ve scanned your dad’s work! Looking forward to further conversation. I’m so happy this site enabled you to reach out. Many thanks. Especially to your efforts! Michael.

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