After last night’s rain all the doors still open

air cooler glad I moved those forty pound bags

of salt under cover I see there’s a good breeze

outside high branches of avocado cedar bamboo

palm lift twist wave I reach for the cup

that breaks the fast night cut short but I

waited till dawn anyway in this alchemy

of remorse and intention arose seeking

that dark cattleya in the next room itself dark

why is the house so reluctant to give up

the night I turned on the light and lifted

the orchid higher so I could see the fiesta

deep inside her unfurled petticoats

Rioja red I look to her this morning

in these strange times so many of us

hunkered down if we’re wise denied

our incidental encounters I turn to this

flower the heavy buds I brought indoors

in days fat with secrecy and now she’s

unfolding her petals calmly slowly

whole days get born then die her leaves

battered and bruised I regret the neglect

suffered there in the orchid shack

too much water and the long reach

of the sun and yet she blooms and

I will deliver my gratitude for her to you



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