[“Tell me about a complicated man.” The Odyssey. Trans. by Emily Wilson]


Tell me about a complicated man Iʻll tell you

about a woman with no choice but to stay

and stir and plan the man complex the clock

busying its hands dthe minutes in bed sleeping

stories untold who needs them play the rest

throw out the out of date weeks pass

she stays reads writes deepens her lines heʻs

gone out lives in his head lost something gold

sold heʻs got vision but heʻs lost the key

to the front door recognizes his children

when heʻs out and about hasnʻt formed

a strong opinion in the womb or out of it

passed various tests but couldnʻt could

didnʻt either itʻs not all negative or just

passive a fantasy she watches waits

is this who when is this where I began

where childhood ended I knew a man

not so complicated not so lost inside

himself adventure awaits or so we

are led to believe our local shop a world

I wonder a list of grociers tell me and

Iʻll tell you about a complicated man

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