[“Why pretend to remember…” William Carlos Williams Kora in Hell: Improvisations XI]

Why pretend to remember if I learned how

to forgive myself I tried again and opened my

eyes is that cheating I know it slows down

the process if I’m really careful I’ll put it off

forever however when I looked up I saw them

again circling rising arching muscular

glistening from the sun behind me a steady circling

and guess what these are chronicles of now

here and I can’t say never written down but

it doesn’t matter this too shall pass itself

off as yet another relic useless except

to the painfully inquisitive the hungry insatiable

vestigial fingers I understand and hair somewhere

under a fin all else sacrificed to streamlining

no pockets which always struck me as remarkable

for where would I be without them I’ve always

carried something besides my own expanse of skin

what I do remember are the times I’ve forgotten

and the ensuing adventure called being locked out

or unable to pay my way or without means

to write anything down I do this for me you know

not that I don’t care about you it’s just that

all these years have worn off the edges

of responsibility nice and smooth lovely

to touch although that wasn’t the goal just

a soft outcome easy to handle and harmlessly

circling and circling in the waters hungry

to get my teeth into the flesh of remorse

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