[prompt from Lehua Kawaikapuokalani FB post 8-21-20 (says 2d: the 19th?)]


What’s being done that we’re not aware of

what’s new in this what’s slow to fill

the glass that is your life okay I passed it

around waited for the morning breeze

was it that waiting that fell on my eyes was that

the heaviness that kept my feet on the ground

all the way to your place how many times

I look up and get a shock wow how did I

get here who was driving that’s a question

I reach inside find it’s not there I don’t know

who took it these days I think it might

have been me I listen for the sound of the motor

but nothing pulls up outside my door no one

comes these days there’s a distance that grows

inside everything near to me I bought the entire

inventory and didn’t open half of it what

can I do I’ve got tomorrow ahead of me

or so I like to think how can I keep opening

what I didn’t notice about the day before

yesterday the whole house vibrates

but it’s still not for me I can sit tight

clean out one drawer at a time the calendar

is empty and I’ve got nowhere to go so

much I don’t know about you about me I

keep waking up promising to pay attention

this time this minute look at the headlines

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