Going to the Market for Blueberries

Blueberry run a good example of what’s mundane
elevated would you have to look very hard to see
the mystical dimension can it be far perhaps
that search for answers perhaps present moments
concentrated in small deep blue berries born
at high altitude in unlikely proximity to the equator
orb overlaid upon orb what we see as quantifying
the circumference of the circle the area of the sphere
is after all small pictures of the whole surely
that’s mystical in itself yesterday I heard it said
if we look for a sense that we don’t belong we see it
everywhere what is that? this seeing that shapes us
this walking that vibrates place transforming seeming
solidity and certainty into waves merely intensified
were they always there were they always here an ocean
of understanding not even waiting or feeling but being
as Noelle said just being so simple not simplistic
and so today a day when I drove away without my
hearing aids as if I’d heard too much of the pain
so much I was beginning to see the blood of children
running in the rain on a day like this the mundane
calls my name beckons I can’t hear what it’s saying
very well but I see waving feel the vibrations
of some deeper understanding getting through to me
without battery operated amplification I can hear
the voices of change this is how it’s been this is how
walls come down just when I realize I’ve been looking
down so long I look up and see the horizon is alive
with red hibiscus in their lush wall of green breath
leaves of breathing when I drove home over the mountain
I cried for those who reach for a gun before they reach
for their own pain or their children children are the fruit
the flower the leaf the breathing trembling of our own roots