Laʻaupau Moon

Moving towards that place in the ocean
Where the moon spills almost half its light
Seatbelt tight against my left shoulder
Over the washboard road till I can’t go
Any further the cliffs of Upolu held me up
Once before here on the edge where
Dreams trade places with everyday
Walking life where now I see if the moon
Can do it I can let it go too if I’m honest
I’ll tell you fear dances a merry dance
At the roots of my hair don’t ask me
What’s to be afraid of I’m just being
Honest I can only guess anyone can
Dance this dance it comes with mortality
I feel this gentle lift from the northeast
I’ll take gentle today I know how the wind
Can blow if she lets go no I’ll do the letting
Go right now out of the truck surf pushing
Hushing boomphing against the breaking
Limits of land sun at my back Maui
Mysterious above thick band of cloud
Deceptively linear from this distance
Less than 30 miles and we think straight
Lines are a fact at my age I’ve stopped
Believing in straight lines my daughter
Jemma tells me write about nothing
To write about because nothing’s
Happened because everything’s
Happened in the nothing inside
That nothing so I come to the edge
Looking for the light emptied out
Of last night’s moon my head’s
Spinning with full moons before
After new dark moons threaded
Through my calendar pages
It’s enough this nothing listening
To it I sense its power hear its
Hum coming from the ocean floor
But most of all feel its branches
Tendrils dendritic reach entwined
With mine no wonder fear dances
Beneath it hasn’t got a chance
While everything above’s embraced