I have a feeling of love can I live on that
maybe that’s why I’m jumpy rushing outside
to meet the earthquake turns out to be
an 18 wheeler on the mountain road no
a military helicopter no it’s the wind thundering
over the soundbox of this house guess I’ll turn
around go back to the pan add some garlic
to the eggs limit myself to one shot espresso
a splash of water I know I need to calm down
but I keep expecting something maybe that’s
all part of waking up on an island at low tide
as for waiting I’m done with that me I’m
working on riding the moment like a bicycle
with no handlebars whatever happened to
balance anyway quick dissolve the little mind
that pushes me into near atrophy before it’s
too late give me some turmeric and the blood
of a beet pour off some elixir from the slimy
fungal creature brewing in the dark my gut
needs its effervescence today my heart
is that flock of seedeaters contracting
from out of the blue onto a patch of uncut
grass they know the difference between
a crack in the world and a tradewind
playing basso profondo for breakfast

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