A hand took the light last Friday I’m still reeling
Here’s the floor here’s the bottom to this darkness
I’m on my knees but I don’t know if I’m praying
Or looking for a way out such a light that word
Lost whispers in my ears and it’s true that’s how
It feels when everything’s loose in the world
Where’s the hope when such a shock takes our
Breath away it’s dark all right he was the sun
Rising on our dark differences I was living
In a flat world till this happened this morning
The ground falls away spills over the edge
Am I blind? I’m reaching out trying to understand
Why beauty is now homeless and hard to find
Before this happened life was bent to its task
Getting spending turning soil or wheel casting
Lines into the sea bending to a child is this
What it takes to rip open our complacency
And let the light back in? Is the cost of standing
Up for a woman for a faith for a choice that hurts
No one the life of a young man setting out
To shelter the world a hand took the light
The darkness is blinding but that hand has
A mother too tonight light your candle tonight
Light a thousand candles against this moment